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Indigo and flowers of Fire.jpg

Indigo and flowers of fire

Oil on Canvas.

Each flower in this painting is an Australian Plant that is 'made' for fire. Each one has beautifully adapted itself to respond to the trauma of fire, flame and heat by flourishing and thriving in its wake.

Flannel Flower | NSW | Prolific after fire

Black Fire Orchid | WA |Requires fire to flower.After flowering the orchid itself turns black as if charred by flame.

Pearl Saltbush | SA & NT | Fire retardant and drought tolerant, becomes a shelter for smaller species in times of danger and need.

Vanilla Lily | QLD & NSW | Bright purple flower heads that resprout in response to fire.

Banksia | AU | Stores seed until opened by fire, often waiting for particular temperatures or even the signal of smoke.

Museum Grade, Archival Giclee Print

Full Size Print : 50 x 61cm

Price: $190

Half Size Print: 25 x 30.5cm

Price: $90



Postage: $10

Framing options upon request. Please leave a comment during your order.

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