Sally has completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at COFA / UNSW, completed two artist residencies in France, created her own stationary label, co-created and runs "Deadfern Artist Studios' Marrickville, is a contributing artist and developer for social enterprise Welcome Studios, teaches a number of workshops and classes around Sydney and continues to work for a number of private and commercial clients; Some favourites include BMW, Kit Kat - Nestle, SBS TV, The Horse (Leather Goods Co) , Architecture in Helsinki and Future Perfect Magazine. 


I'd like my work to be a visual celebration, of people, places and time.

I am made curious by the pull of nature; Amazed by the transient nature of time and wish to investigate further how we as individuals are made whole. Really, I am very interested by 'joy,' in all of its mystery and beauty. I like to paint all of these things.  I've  tried to use less colours in my palette but I am yet to succeed. I think I like them all too much. It's really just too soon to part ways .

I like to explore the world through books ( I spend two days a week in a book store which is pretty ideal), swimming in the sea, running through the bush, skating in the sunshine. Scribbling in note books, loosing my keys and dropping fragile things on the reg. How do you explore the world?