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Creative Wayfinder

A 6 Week Course

For anyone looking to creatively reconnect with themselves. Reimagine, explore or reenter a creative practice and sense of play.

This course is designed to inspire and encourage your own unique creative process and practice, to inspire new ways of seeing, and ways of delighting in the world around us through art. Sally has been working as an artist, art teacher and art therapist for over 12 years, specialising in the unique ways art contributes to our sense of self, healing, wellbeing and community. 

Join me for a 6 week Creative Adventure. Everyone is welcome. All levels of creativity, all levels of artists, all levels of

give-it-a-go-ers. With Additional take home art based creative/well-being practices and exercises to engage across the 6 week course at home.



Beginning end of 22nd of February.

Thursdays 10:30am - 12:30pm

Wombarra. At Sally’s home.

(Address provided following registration)

$390 All basic Materials included

You are more than welcome to bring your own supplies to use at any time.

It is recommended that you bring a sketch book with you for note taking, explorations, sketches and easier documentation of your journey. 

A big thank you to Staedtler for their continued support and materials.

Payment is made via invoice, once you have registered on the right you will receive payment details.. If you are facing financial hardship, or would like to arrange a payment plan please do not hesitate to say hello, this is a course for everyone. Course information or order of weeks may change depending on the needs and interests of the group, working together to ensure everyone gets the most out of each week.


6 Week, Creative Wayfinder Course

Thank you, your registration has been received. I can't wait to paint with you!

As Sally work for varying organisations and health centres. Please allow 1 -2 business days to receive an invoice and course confirmation.

Course Outline

Week One

Art in the Everyday

In week one we explore what it means to live a creative life, and how we might be able to expand such a practice in every day moments. In this session you will learn a number of exercises to assist in mindfulness, and self exploration through art making and how it can be used as a therapeutic tool that enriches our lives.  This week is designed to inspire an ongoing creative practice in the everyday and create a curious mindset for the following weeks.

One of my favourite commissions pieces in the last year, 'Toshi.jpg' Pencil on Paper.jpg

Week Two

Drawing Foundations and Learning to see.

With downloadable handbook.

We explore the foundations of drawing through portrait theory.  You'll learn a number of tools to problem solve your own drawing/paintings as well as the technical application of materials. 

We observe some of the psychology behind what enables or hinders us to observe the world around us, so we might begin to see with even greater sensitivity and accuracy. The more sensitive we are in our ability to see, the greater the opportunity there is to observe beauty and facilitate joy.

Week Three

Drawing - Introducing Expression and Play.

This week we observe colour, and expression through the 'still life'. We'll be using drawing materials, watercolours and oil pastels. Super fun. Come and get lost in being a kid all over again.


Week Four

Painting with Colour

In this weeks session we'll observe colour theory, and use paint material to connect with and explore landscape studies and/or 'Art in Nature.' This is a wonderful introduction into the practice of 'En Plein Air' painting and becoming even more present in the natural world.

Week Five

Natural Landscapes and Developing Personal Practice

Week 5 & 6 we finish exploring the natural landscape and move into a self guided project (or dive deeper on any of the previous projects) and receive specific guidance on your interest . Discuss or email with Sally before this week to ensure your project is well supported  with adequate materials and technical support. 


& Week Six

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